for training and testing bartender pouring skills.

    Leading bars and restaurants use EXACTO-POUR™
    to reduce liquor costs by eliminating over-pourings,
    thereby increasing profits by retaining lost revenues.


  • Proven Quick Results
  • Used By The Big Boys For A Reason
  • Made In The USA - No Carcinogenic Plastic
  • Food Grade GE Plastic Tubes
  • Unbreakable Tubes & Case
  • Thin Tube = Most Accurate
  • FREE EXACTO-POUR™ Funnel Included
  • Metric & Combo Versions Available
  • 3 Tube & 7 Tube Models Available

Free Pour Method

The trend in the retail liquor industry has been to utilize free pouring in hopes of winning customers and building sales. This would not be happening if portion control were not possible at the same time. Customer perception with free pouring is much more positive than with jiggers, mechanical pour spouts, or computerized systems.

Free pouring, of course, requires the skill of the bartender to accurately measure the quantities being poured without actually using a graduated container. This process requires training and practice as well as periodic testing of bartender trainees and veteran practitioners.

Strong management practices are necessary to successfully implement this type of system. If you treat your bar staff as professionals, they can easily develop the proper skills to increase your business while controlling your liquor costs. All that is needed is the inexpensive EXACTO-POUR™ System to train with.


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Testimonials And Customers

  • John Henderson President
    GAH, Inc. (TGI Friday's Franchisee)

    I own three TGI Friday's franchises and everytime I see liquor cost go up I tell my management people to breakout the EXACTO-POUR™ and make everyone retrain and retest. They must pour test and pass before starting their shifts.

    It has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. It is a proven product and the bartenders always talk about how it sharpens their skills. It has become a competition between them who is the most accurate.

  • Ken Gillie Bevinco of Illinois

    At Bevinco, we recognize that controlling variances in sales and inventory stems from two primary functions: Accurately measuring inventory usage to sales regularly and knowing how to free pour correctly. The EXACTO-POUR™ training system provides the most cost effective means to practice free pouring. By implementing ongoing EXACTO-POUR™ training into your beverage operations, you are halfway there.

Training & Testing

Training your bar staff to develop the skills to accurately free pour all amounts of liquor portions used in your bar recipes is the goal of using the EXACTO-POUR™™.

Once bartenders have the skills to pour accurately, continued practice is the best way to keep those skills. One large chain that uses EXACTO-POUR™™ requires bartenders to “warm up” before their shifts. Others use periodic testing.

Initially a bartender can train themselves until they are confident in their ability. Using a small funnel inserted into the Exacto tubes makes the process quick and easy. Motivation to improve skills is always better than threats when it comes to training any skill. The tests should be an improvement process and not a threatening tool.

The probability of overpouring errors increases with the smaller portion sizes. Lets say your standard shot size for a highball or single shot cocktail such as vodka/tonic, scotch/water, screwdriver, etc., is 1 ¼ ounces. An overpour of ¼ ounce makes the % error 20%. If your cocktail calls for multiple liquors like a LongIsland Iced tea which calls for 4 – ½ ounce shots, an overpour of ¼ ounce on each results in a 50% overpouring error. The smaller shot portions are always more likely to be overpoured and this is compounded when bartenders pour from 2 to 4 bottles at once. If your bar pours a lot of shooters and a lot of multiple liquor cocktails, your probability of overpouring as well as the overpour % goes way up. Combine this with the high number of premium brand liquors called for in today’s recipes (premium brands are constantly promoting their drink cocktails to the public), your overpour on the most expensive brands goes way up. Bartenders need the skills to pour all portion sizes accurately, especially the smaller portion sizes.

Testing should include pouring in a similar manner to the way bartenders pour on the job. If they pour with both hands, they should be tested with both hands. If they pour 1 ¼ ounces with the right hand while pouring ½ ounce with the other hand at the same time, they should be tested in a similar manner. Set up 2 glasses or mixing tins and pour those amounts simultaneously and see how they do. If a bartender picks up two bottles in one hands to pour equal amounts from both, say ½ ounces each, have them do it and see if the total poured comes out to 1 ounce. If your bar has a specialty drink recipe that is popular, design a test that reflects the portions and procedures used with that drink (2 handed, multiple bottle, etc.)

In the download section of this site is a sample test sheet for overall portion testing. Modify it to fit your bar recipes portions. Keep in mind that the smaller portions offer the largest percentage over-pour probabilities so do not over emphasize your standard shot size while ignoring the smaller ones.

A note about pouring high viscosity liquors like Kaluha or Baileys Irish Cream. Liquors that contain a large percentage of sugar will pour much slower than the basic vodka, gin, scotch, etc. The same is true if you keep, say a vodka, in a freezer. In order to keep the timing close to your regular liquors you might use a larger opening pour spout on those kinds of liquors. It will take some experimenting to determine the time it takes to pour a shot with the higher viscosity brands. For example, I always used a pour spout that took 1 ¼ seconds to pour a shot size of 1 ¼ ounces. In such a case you could find a wider opening pour spout that closely matches the 1 ¼ second time to pour the higher viscosity brand for the same size shot. Another thing I have done with a high viscosity, high cost brand that was not poured on a regular basis was to put a jigger next to that bottle on the back bar and have bartenders use it when that brand was called for. (Be sure to test the accuracy of any jigger with the EXACTO-POUR™™ tube before using it.)



Quick Test


A simple beginning test to start with. You can design a similar test to accomplish your own goals.


Competition Level Test


Used in major bar competitions. Gives a hard number score so you can compare who is best. Very difficult plus subtracts from score for major misses. Not your every day test.


EXACTO-POUR™ is not just a graduated cylinder. The markings are geared to hitting a specific target and variance lines indicate how far off from target you are. The latest EXACTO-POUR™ tubes have 2 color markings on a clear tube with 1/16 ounce variance lines. This makes it easy to improve pouring skills.

The tubes have a thin diameter which makes the measures more accurate than large diameter measuring cylinders. The top volume is 2 oz. If your graduated cylinder goes above 2 oz., it will need to be either very very tall or it will be less accurate than EXACTO-POUR™.


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